Vehicle Identification Number

Know your VIN# before your Report 2290

ehicle Identification Number

Vehicle Identification Number - VIN

Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) are unique identification sequences on every motor vehicle manufactured in the United States and many other countries. These numbers are sort of unique and help to keep track of problems, ownership changes, and deter theft. It is a 17-character unique serial number used by the automotive industry to identify individual motor vehicles and does not include the letters I (i), O (o), or Q (q) (to avoid confusion with numerals 1 and 0). The VIN of your vehicle can be obtained from the registration, title, or actual vehicle.

The Motor Vehicle Records database tracks information on a VIN, such as when the truck was inspected, when it changed ownership and if it was involved in a serious crash, rollover or flood. Specifically, the VIN reveals the vehicle’s unique features, specifications, and manufacturer information.

Your vehicle’s fingerprint, VIN, is very important to report your Form 2290 taxes with IRS. If you make a mistake on any of the digits while filing the HVUT return using your VIN for your heavy vehicle, it’s easy to fix the same by filing a form 2290 amendment for VIN correction on another new form 2290. We understand that the VIN is very liable to be mistaken and wrongly reported on tax form 2290 and so at Tax2290, you can now comfortably correct VIN electronically.

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Some common questions about your VIN#?

What if the VIN is not 17 characters long?

  • Double-check to make sure that you have the right VIN and have copied it down correctly. Once you have verified that the VIN is definitely less than 17 characters, the VIN is most likely from a pre-1981 vehicle. Prior to 1981, VINs varied in length from 11 to 17 characters. We have a check button, select it to report a VIN less than 17-characters.

Where Can I Find the VIN?

  • The VIN can be found by looking at the dashboard on the driver's side of the vehicle. The easiest way to view it is to stand outside the vehicle on the driver's side and look at the corner of the dashboard where it meets the windshield. If the VIN cannot be found there, open the driver's side door and look at the door post (where the door latches when it is closed). It is likely that the VIN will also be displayed in this location.
  • Insurance card/Insurance policy, vehicle tag etc.
  • Vehicle title and registration

How to correct a VIN typo in 2290 Schedule 1?

  • The mistake in VIN or typo can be corrected electronically online by filing a Form 2290 VIN Correction return. IRS would process and issues back the Schedule 1 with correct VIN printed on it.