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Tax2290.com powered by TaxExcise.com, has a separate interface to support Tax Practitioners to prepare and report the Federal Excise Tax Forms online with the IRS. Anyone who prepares or assists in preparing federal excise tax returns for compensation with a valid PTIN can use our websites to do 2290 tax reporting and other excise tax reporting.
Unique Features For Tax Practitioners, A specialized Dashboard to manage the client details and secured access to your personal profile with PTIN information. No one has an access to it other than you assign or allow.
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Ease your Tax 2290 Preparations for your Clients with best-in-class software

Unique Features For Tax Practitioners Like You

Experience the difference in preparing and reporting Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Returns and the Excise Tax Returns from one common account with privilege based access, Setup your own work force or team to help you through your filing process without having a look at your personal and confidential informations.

Simplified Web Office

Simplified Web Office

Create an individual account using your valid PTIN, and create multiple user accounts for your office assistance to help you in managing your tax filing for your clients.
Special and Seamless Pricing

Special and Seamless Pricing

Discounted and Seasonal pricing approach for you to pay up-front to choose a package that fits to your requirement.
In-Built Work Flows

In-Built Work Flows

One time registration to manage any number of clients, Accurate tax calculations, Seasonal group pricing and discounts, Review Clients' information in the dashboard, Easy query based approach to fill tax forms automatically , SMS Alert on return status and IRS Watermarked Schedule-1 copy acknowledgement almost immediately.