No Need to Redo what you already have

Import Vehicle Data into a Tax Return just by a Click

Bulk Upload

Import Vehicle Date in to a Tax Return

Preparing and reporting a tax return is easy with Tax2290.com, while you report a tax for the 1st time you can type in the vin numbers one by one or bulk upload them in to the tax return. When returning for the next filing, you can directly fetch all the vehicle details from the previously reported return. No need to enter them all again.

  • In the add vehicle page where you add your vehicle information, you can find 3 options to add VIN either one after the other or Bulk Upload it or you can Import it from the previously reported return.
  • Import Vehicle can list all the vehicles you have reported, you can add them all or can choose from the list to add or delete
  • This list of VINs can also be exported in to an excel spreadsheet to manage them in your computer.