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Tax2290 brings you the most powerful and flexible tools for internet tax preparation and filing. On-demand features to make your tax reporting experience a rewarding one. Use mobile devices in Apple or Android Platform to complete your Tax 2290 return On-The-Go.

How Tax2290's Electronic filing works?

Tax2290 e-file is an online platform where truckers can enter the tax information and our software will help to complete federal vehicle use tax returns. Once ready, users can transmit the prepared tax 2290 forms electronically to the IRS and get it processed. Once IRS completes processing, watermarked Schedule-1 proof of payment receipt is sent to your email inbox.

No need to schedule an appointment with the taxpayer assistance center, no standing in line waiting for your turn or driving to the IRS office downtown. Prepare a 2290 tax return and report it online and pay your dues electronically without leaving the comfort of leaving home or office. While you’re on the move and needed to quickly get through with your 2290 filing, just access our website with an internet connection, and complete your 2290 in 3 simple steps. Download Tax2290 Mobile apps for Android and Apple devices and get it done instantly.

Electronic Filing Process

Some common reasons why a 2290 return gets rejected by IRS?

  • Name Control Issue: This is with reference to your Employer Identification Number (EIN) and the Business Name that you use to report 2290 with the IRS. If IRS were not able to match the records with their database your 2290 would be rejected. You are allowed to correct this and resubmit it any number of times. EIN must not be new, if it is new then at least 15 days older, SSN (Social Security Number) can’t be used in the place of EIN. EIN is a must to e-file 2290 tax returns.
  • RTN or Routing Transit Number: When you owe taxes and you opt to pay the tax dues through direct debit or the electronic funds withdrawal option you would be sharing in your Bank Account Number, Bank Name and a RTN. This records should be valid and accurate for the IRS to process your return. IRS would be rejecting your return for a wrong RTN. You are allowed to correct this by validating the records and resubmit it with the IRS.
  • Duplicate Return or Vehicle Identification Number: Taxes on your heavy vehicle is reported once in a tax period (July – June) with the first used month. You can file an amendment or VIN correction for a previously reported return incase you want to amend the details with in the same tax period. IRS might reject your duplicate return for the same tax period and first used month. Make sure you file once and with the right VIN on it. Correction in the VIN number can be addressed through filing a VIN Correction return.

In case of rejection, don't panic talk to our Support Desk and we can guide you with the information to fix this up. Electronic filing with Tax2290.com will catch all possible errors and double check your records before it is shared with the IRS for processing. However you need to make sure you enter all your details accurately to get your 2290 processed in one go.

Getting Started with 2290 electronic filing is the easiest!

Unique and robust electronic filing features for Owner Operators, Truckers and businesses to complete it in 3 simple steps. You just need to have a valid EIN issued by the IRS to choose electronic filing. Getting started is simple, just register and have your own user account, add your business and vehicle details and transmit it to the IRS for processing. IRS water marked Schedule -1 is available in just minutes once IRS accepts your 2290 return.
Electronic filing won’t let you file an incomplete tax return, prompts for all the required details before submitting it to the IRS for processing. IRS validates your details with their records and found any mismatch, it would reject and allow you to correct it before it issues you the IRS watermarked Schedule-1 “Proof for Payment”.
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