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The Heavy vehicle use taxes reported on your heavy vehicles or trucks can be prepared and filed electronically through an IRS certified website This is normally filed from July and August for a tax year, the tax year runs from July of the current year to June of following year. Form 2290 must be filed by the last day of the month following the month of your vehicle first use on a public highway. This also referred as Highway Vehicle Use Taxes.

Electronic filing and quick processing of 2290 tax return

When you choose to e-file you can prepare your 2290 tax return, in minutes and get it ready to file online with the IRS for processing in minutes time. The highlight of e-file is you can receive a copy of IRS stamped Schedule -1 proof in just minutes to your email address.

Electronic filing “a self-serviced” tax preparation method where you can attempt from your home/office computer desktop, smart phones and tablet devices from anywhere anytime. Eliminated all possible errors that may peep in while do it manually, no math calculations needed the website will take care of itself with the inputs you supply. Gives you a “ready to file” 2290 tax return effortlessly and you just need to transmit it for processing with IRS. IRS will in return send you a paid receipt that has details on date of filing and acceptance with e-file watermark as a sing of tax payment.

Electronic filing gives you options to choose how you want to pay your taxes; EFTPS or EFW (Direct Debit) or through Check / Money Order. IRS will process your tax payments accordingly. You can you your AMEX, VISA, MASTER or DISCOVER credit cards to pay the service fee.

What makes so special?

With over a decade of experience in Electronic Filing Excise Tax returns, has proved its reliability and efficiency as an E-file service provider for e-filing HVUT form 2290. With its immense knowledge and expertise has managed to impress the IRS to make the First Ever certified E-file service provider for E-filing form 2290 in 2007. This is one of the biggest reasons why continues to stay as industry leaders in Efiling Form 2290 and stays as preferred choice of tax payers for filing IRS tax form 2290.

Majority of 2290 tax returns are processed with IRS through and the most preferred e-file partner for truckers of all size.

Very nominal pricing, attractive discounts and loyalty bonus, easy and simple steps, quality call support team are extra perks you could enjoy with

Extra care on Record Keeping

We take extra care on preserving your online records like completed form 2290 tax returns, IRS accepted Schedule 1 copies, Your vehicle details in a most secured website and available for you anytime to download and print.

You can also prepare your IFTA tax returns when you are liable for state IFTA fuel tax filings, check out to prepare IFTA for your base jurisdiction

360° Coverage on your 2290 tax needs

This e-file website is available 24X7, all day a week and 365 days a year. You can have access to it from anywhere anytime to prepare a 2290 tax return, download or print your Stamped Schedule -1 proofs. You could also use your iOS smart phones or tablet devices and Android smart phones or tablets devices to connect with the website. When you connect with our website you have access to all your data no matter how you connect with us? Sounds great right! Then give it a try today for free.

Allied Member of ATA and OOIDA associations is an allied member with the ATA and OOIDA associations and other state trucking association to make electronic filing affordable for all. We have special discounts for all the state trucking association with whom we’re already associated with. If you could not find your state association in our list do not hesitate to connect with our help desk to claim your discount coupon.

Tax Preparer or Paid Preparer

Tax Prepares or Paid prepares can also access our website for bulk 2290 tax filings, that too at an affordable and discounted rates. You have a separate interface to manage your own profile where you can add all your clients to whom you file 2290 taxes. Pay once in a year for your client and continue filing for them throughout the tax year. To know more on the plans for paid prepares connect with our help desk team today.

Bonus Points, Full Service and Quick Alerts

The loyalty bonus points would get you a lot of discount from your service fee, yes. Accumulate as many as bonus points by paying our service fee to get equal number of points that you can redeem for discounts. To explain you in detail: if you pay $30 as your e-file service fee you will get 30 bonus points in return, which you can redeem to avail discounts while you’re doing your second return. Check out for more here

Full service option where we take care of your complete filing process, you just share the data. To know more connect with our help desk.

Quick alerts like Text Alerts to your subscribed cell number instantly once IRS completes processing your tax return. FAX copies of your Stamped Schedule -1 copies to your subscribed fax number, get instant copies as early IRS issues you one.

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Call Support, the extra mileage

We have a dedicated Call Support Team to support you on your queries. We’re available from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM CST to answer your calls and email us to get answered as early as possible. is an extended website of and an IRS Authorized e-file provider since 2007 to e-file Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax returns.
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