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Single Vehicle
1 Vehicle
$ 29.99
Small Fleet
2 - 10 Vehicles
$ 39.99
Small2 Fleet
11 - 24 Vehicles
$ 49.99
Medium Fleet
25 - 100 Vehicles
$ 74.99
Large Fleet
101 - 250 Vehicles
$ 124.99
Jumbo Fleet
251+ Vehicles
$ 174.99
VIN Correction
$ 29.99
2290 Amendment
Single Vehicle
$ 29.99
2290 Amendment
Multiple Vehicles
$ 49.99
Tax2290 Full Service Pricing

Tax2290 Seasonal (Year long) Filing

for one Tax Period starting from July through June)
2290 e-File Starter
$ 299.99
  • e-File HVUT Tax Form 2290 returns for one complete Tax Period - July to June
Popular Pricing
$ 349.99
  • e-File 2290 with 8849(Schedule -6 Claims) through the Tax Period
On-Demand Pricing
$ 349.99
  • e-File 2290 with Amendments & VIN Correction through the Tax Period
Premium Service
$ 399.99
  • e-File 2290 + Amendments + 8849(Sch.6 Other Claims) through the Tax Period

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Refund Policy:

  • Refund cannot be processed once the return has been Transmitted or Submitted to the IRS.
  • Refund claimed made after 30 days from payment will not be processed.
  • Transaction fees and other applicable fees will be deducted while processing any Refund.
  • Refund request has to be emailed to support@taxexcise.com with REFUND in the subject, quote complete reason for refund request and your invoice number for quick processing.