Focus on Your Business, Not on the 2290

We remind your deadlines for 2290 reporting

Timely Reminder Alerts

The Reminder Alert Service runs as a scheduled service, independent of any specific process. If an error occurs while you’re on the process of completing a tax return and is not handled rightly, the Alert service detects the error and reports it, regardless of the tax return that generated the error.


Email Alerts: We keep you informed about every action you do in the website. Email service alerts are sent to the following action items;

  • Once you creating a new account, a welcome email will be sent to make sure you did it exactly as it is required.
  • Once a payment is done for using our service or when the card gets declined by the merchant service.
  • Once a tax return is successfully completed and submitted for processing with the IRS
  • When IRS finds any mismatch of data and rejects your tax return
  • Once IRS accepts your tax return and when your Watermarked Schedule-1 is ready to download
  • In case of any validation errors that trigger when the system finds any mismatch of details.

Phone Call Alerts: We take the utmost responsibility in keeping you informed of your return status and when any further clarification needed at the point of submitting your tax return with the IRS.

  • Our Help Desk will reach you to make sure you did your return right and to find out any difficulties you have in the process of completing it.
  • Once when IRS rejects the tax return or the rejected return went unnoticed for a while without fixing it up and fail to retransmit for processing.
  • To remind you about the deadline of your tax return and when the new tax filing period approaches.
  • At some special occasions when we have a message to be communicated.

Fax Alerts:

  • When you subscribe for FAX copies of IRS watermarked Schedule-1 proof.
  • On the occasion of special promotions with a discount coupons

SMS Alerts:

  • When you subscribe for Text Alerts to receive the status of your tax return.
  • On the occasion of special promotions with a discount coupons