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Bulk Vehicle Upload

Every highway vehicle with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more used on a public highway has to be reported in Form 2290 and the heavy vehicle use taxes are paid in full with the IRS. When you report a vehicle it is easy for you to quote the VIN#, Taxable Gross Weight and the details one by one. While reporting a large fleet it would be laborious and time consuming, add vehicles using our Bulk Upload Excel Template to upload them all in one click.

Bulk Upload is a tool that enables you to upload large volumes of VIN records at one time by reading each record from a excel file. Bulk Upload is a great advantage to consolidate large fleet of vehicle data in one excel sheet, you also have the option of exporting these vehicle information into your local computer use it every time your report the 2290 federal vehicle use tax with the IRS. Adding or removing a vehicle information in the template is also simple and easy. The biggest benefit to using our Bulk Upload Template tool is the speed in which you can complete preparing your 2290 returns.

Some of the common questions that you may get with Bulk Upload:

How to use Bulk Upload Tool?

  • In “Add Vehicle” page you can find a button “Bulk Upload”, download the excel template to your computer, copy past the VIN numbers, gross weight and other information into the template and save it in your computer. Click “Choose File” and find the file in your computer and hit Upload to add the vehicles into the tax return

Where to get this Bulk Upload Template?

  • While filing a new tax return in “Add Vehicle” page you can find a button “Bulk Upload”, download the excel template to your computer and save it.

Do all the fields required to use Bulk Upload Template?

  • Yes, VIN, Gross Weight and all the fields in the Bulk Upload Excel Template are required to add the vehicles into the tax return.

How to fix any issues with Bulk Upload?

  • Once done with your upload, if any error found in the template it would be showed in the screen and you could correct the error one by one. The error message will list down what went wrong and how to fix it.

Can I export this excel after uploading into the website?

  • Yes, once you upload the vehicle list and no error found in the list you have an option to export the excel sheet into your computer for future use.