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Tax 7004 – Introduction is leading e-file tax preparation software for federal tax form 7004. Federal tax preparation for Tax 7004 is made easy by means of our efficient tax return services.

Form 7004 Facts

  • Federal tax form 7004 is used to request for an extension of time to file for certain business income tax returns, information and other returns.
  • E filing tax return form 7004 does not extend the time for payment of tax.
  • You need to file a separate tax return form 7004 for each of the tax return you are requesting extension time to file.
  • The tax extension request is only to the form identified in line 1a or 1b.
  • Federal tax form 7004 should be filed on or before the due date of applicable tax return.
  • The due dates for filing tax return with Federal tax form 7004 can be found in the tax instruction of the applicable form.

Tax 7004 highlights

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Online tax advice:

Our tax professionals guide you through phone, mail, and online chat. One more special feature of tax return software is online tax professional support using which you can clarify your tax related queries instantly. is an extended website of and an IRS Authorized e-file provider since 2007 to e-file Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax returns.
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