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WELCOME TO TAX8868.COM is efficient tax preparation software for e-file tax preparation of federal tax form 8868. Online tax preparation for form 8868 has been made very simple and quick by our tax return preparation services.

Our tax planning services provides tax advice and tax help with features like tax calculator. Our tax software professionals provide relentless customer support by online tax preparation live chat facility. Federal tax return and tax return refund are made really fast with our tax software. IRS electronic tax filing is a cake walk with our efficient tax services.


Form 8868 is used to request for an extension of time to file exempt organization return. The federal tax forms that can be extended by filing Form 8868 are listed below:

Form 990 Form 990-T Corporation Form 4720
Form 990- BL Form 990-T (Sec. 401(a) or 408(a) trust) Form 5227
Form 990- EZ Form 990-T (Trusts other than above) Form 6069
Form 990- PF Form 1041-A Form 8870


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