Internal Revenue Service Form 2290 is used by owner/operators of highway motor vehicles that have a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more. The owner/operator may be an individual, limited liability company (LLC), corporation, partnership, or any other type of organization (including nonprofit, charitable, educational, etc.). The owner/operator filing the Form 2290 must have an Employer Identification Number (EIN). A social security number cannot be used to complete a Form 2290. Form 2290 additionally requires the vehicle identification number and gross weight of each taxable vehicle.

You may have a single vehicle or a fleet of trucks to report taxes; you get the best from TaxExcise. Our product supports the filing of Form 2290 and makes it easy and simple for the truckers and companies to file their form on time.

  • Reporting Tax on a Highway Motor Vehicle [Truck]
  • Reporting Suspended / Tax Exempt vehicle with IRS with No Tax
  • E-Filing Form 2290 Amendments for additional tax from an increase in taxable gross vehicle weight or (b) suspended vehicles exceeding the mileage use limit
  • Claim for Refund on a Sold, Transferred or Destroyed vehicles
  • E-filing VIN correction, get Schedule 1 copy for corrected and for right VIN.
  • Efile a separate 8849 return when the credit exceeds the tax due

Business Problem:

Any individual who is buying or using a heavy duty truck across US is responsible for filing and paying the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax [HVUT]. Working with heavy vehicles like semi trucks is a stressful, time-consuming business endeavor. Any business is rife with things to do, but when someone in charge of running a fleet of trucks on a nation’s highways and keeping everything running like clockwork, hardly have the time to stop by the IRS and pay the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax [HVUT], IRS Form 2290 tax returns . Thanks to the IRS e-file and Compliance project offered through www.taxexcise.com HVUT IRS Form 2290 can now be filed over the internet, and in fact, truck companies or operators with more than 25 trucks on the road are required to file over the internet. However, most business owners and operators will agree that finding the time to do this or waiting for the Schedule 1 in the mail is far convenient, rather than waiting at IRS for hours to get a simple tax return done, which is a time consuming process.

Why to efile your Truck Tax:

The web enabled tax filing application eliminates all possible errors and fasten the filing process. It just takes some minutes for anyone, even a fist timer to e-file HVUT, IRS Form 2290 tax returns . E-file makes filing process more simple, safe, secured and very user friendly. By answering couple of interview based questions, one can complete the HVUT form 2290 returns. Companies with huge fleets can use bulk upload feature to do a HVUT return in a single click. With the state-of-art efile services, tax return is sent to the IRS within minutes for processing. Rest assured that all the possible validations are done before sending a tax return to the IRS . Once the tax return is received at the IRS, it process the return and the stamped copy of Schedule 1 will be sent back to taxexcise.com. The user can login back to retrieve his copy at anytime and from anywhere. We also offer TEXT Alert feature to get instant alert on status to the taxpayers cell phone number. If you wish you can also get your IRS stamped Schedule 1 copy to a desire FAX number.

Sounds so simple right, why to stand at the IRS office in a queue or drive some miles to the IRS office to do the tax returns , when taxexcise.com is offering a such a Simple, Safe & Highly Secured efile service.


We don’t charge any upfront fee [$] to try our website, register for your personnel account and start filing your returns. We charge a nominal fee to efile /print your tax returns . Hope you might not get any questions, if so clarify it immediately by calling our support center 1-866-245-3918 [Toll Free] or write an email to us at support@taxexcise.com we are always happy to help you through in your tax returns .

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Download most important document related to the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax is the IRS Form 2290.

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