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Tax refund is a payback amount on taxes, which you can receive at the end of each financial year. You will get tax refund, when the tax liability is lesser than the taxes paid. You can always get tax refund on your income if the tax you owe is lesser than the total sum amount of withholding taxes and estimated taxes that you have paid. You can also gain the repayable tax credits that you claim on.

In order to get IRS tax refund, you should prepare a tax return initially. When filing your tax returns, it is important to remember the date you file it to get money back from IRS later. In case if you are e-filing your federal tax online with free IRS E-file, you can collect the tax rebate in just 2-3 weeks. It takes almost half of the time to get your refund, comparing to filing a paper tax return.

Tips to speed up payment of your tax refund

The speed in which you receive your tax refund ever depends on the option that you have selected to file your taxes and to receive your tax refund. Here are the suggestions to execute when filing tax online to get your money back in shorter time.

  • Beyond doubt, using direct deposit will cut the time. It eliminates mailing time, some of the processing and printing time for checks at IRS.
  • You will receive your refund within two weeks when you go with e-filing

Form 2290 Requirements

  • EIN (Employee Identification Number)
  • Details of all vehicles you are filing the HVUT for including each of their VINs

How to check on your refund status?

  • You can get status of your refund, using an IRS online tool.
  • To check out the refund status, you have to enter the following data from online tax return. They are
    • Your Social Security Number (Or Individual taxpayer identification number).
    • Your tax filing status.
    • The exact whole dollar amount of your refund.
  • Generally, you will know your refund details, immediately after 72 hours from IRS acknowledging your online receipt of E-filed return.
  • In case of paper return, you will know the status in three to four weeks from the date you mail your return.
  • If your recent tax refund was already sent by postal service, then you can change the mailing address. Where’s my refund will offer this service to you if you are eligible to take up this.
  • If it is more than 28 days since IRS mailed your refund, then you can file an online claim for replacement of check. “Where’s my refund?” will give you detailed info about claiming if this situation applies to you.

Refund facility on Tax2290

You will have to file schedule 6 of Form 8849 to claim refund, if the tax you paid on HVUT through Form 2290 exceeds the tax amount you really owe. This way, you get to receive your tax rebate in shorter periods of time than otherwise, through direct debit available during e-file. Another noteworthy feature with our application is, it automatically shows your credits in tax meter, if any. Filing is always easy with us!

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