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E-filing Process:

With the growing technology needs, IRS introduced E-filing or Electronic filing of tax returns for fast and secured processing and easy record keeping. E-filing will replace driving time to the local IRS office for having your tax returns processed; and also saves up your tax preparation time and money. E-file gives you the comfort of filing from home, office and from anywhere any time. E-file has now transformed the truckers life with fast processing of Heavy Vehicle Tax returns and having the Schedule 1 “Proof for Payment” handy in minutes. E-file also helped truckers to gain more business by sharing the required federal documents over the internet.However, IRS have made it mandatory for truckers with 25 or more vehicles to report 2290 taxes also inspires owner operators to adapt e-filing for fast and safe processing of tax returns.

why Should You Opt For E-Filing Form 2290?

Though paper filing has always been given importance as well as treated as the traditional method to file tax return 2290 Heavy Highway Use Tax, owning its own charm, e-filing has raced down to number one. With its numerous number of advantages, even the IRS encourages taxpayers to e-file their return 2290 form online, thus adding ease and make the procedure simple than what it is with paper filing. When we talk about the pros of e filing, it is not time consuming like paper filing and allows you to edit your form before it is submitted to IRS. The messy work is eliminated, so is the return rejection fear. Additionally, you can expect immediate response from IRS when 2290 heavy duty tax form is submitted, which means, you can receive the proof of payment at once. With e-filing being so secure, safe and efficient, many service providers entered the world of e-filing taxation, made it up till the end. Although, we have a set of competitors around us, we craft our services with user-friendly methodologies, allowing you to create a good rapport with the application. As filing taxes is a part of your job, dedicating time for it is always a complex tax. To solve the puzzle of tax, our tax experts come in for your rescue, help you in filing IRS form 2290 if at all you need any more back up end from our application.

Documents Required When E-Filing HVUT Return?

For e-filing Heavy Highway Use Tax Form 2290 Returns online, the following are the documents required to be submitted to IRS:

  • Employee Identification Number (EIN)
  • Information about the vehicle i.e. date of purchase and when the vehicle was first bought on the highway.
  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
  • Gross Taxable Weight of the Vehicle
  • If the vehicle is suspended, mention the road mileage for reference.
  • If the vehicle is sold, mention the details like date of selling, VIN and whom the vehicle was sold.
  • If you claim Suspended Vehicle Claim, have the last filed data handy for quick references.
  • Note: When e-filing your return, make sure to have a soft copy of the documents mentioned.

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