A Step-by-Step Guide on Filing HVUT Tax Returns Online

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  • Heavy duty road tax should be calculated and paid for highway motor vehicles with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or higher, used during taxation period. In order to e-file heavy highway vehicle use tax return taxpayers and Tax Professionals can use Tax Software.
  • Incase the Heavy Duty Truck later exceeded the mileage use limit during the period you need to calculate and file a separate federal heavy vehicle use tax form 2290. Heavy road use tax form can be used for this purpose.
  • Incase the taxable gross weight of a Heavy Duty Truck increases during the taxation period it falls into a new category. For such cases there are separate rules for filing federal heavy highway use tax.
  • In case the Heavy Duty Truck will travel 5,000 miles or less during the taxation period you can claim suspension from the tax. Thus the charges involved in e-filing of heavy highway vehicle use tax return are lesser.
  • If a heavy highway vehicle was destroyed, stolen, sold, or used lesser than 5,000 miles, a tax refund could be claimed by tax payer. Instructions related to 2290 highway use tax enable this kind of tax refund claims.
  • While filing federal heavy vehicle use tax form 2290 the Tax payers can inform acquirement of a used taxable vehicle with tax suspension. Heavy highway vehicle form 2290 has provisions reporting such acquirement.
  • During e-file of heavy highway vehicle use tax return the tax payers need to provide their VIN (vehicle identification number), and EIN (employer identification number). Social security number of taxpayer is not accepted by IRS during heavy vehicle used tax form 2290 filing.


Any individual who is buying or using a heavy duty truck is responsible for filing and paying the Heavy Duty Trucks Road Tax. User on whose name the truck is registered need to take care of the Heavy Duty Trucks Road Tax. In case the previous owner of heavy highway vehicle didn’t pay the tax the IRS anticipates that the current owner pays the full amount owed.

When to file Heavy Duty Trucks Road Tax?

If the owner uses the heavy highway truck during July, 2018, then the tax is due August 31st. If the heavy highway truck is not used until August, 2018, then the Heavy Duty Trucks is due September 30th. The Heavy Duty Trucks is due the last day of the month after the truck hits the road.

How to file Heavy Duty Trucks Road Tax?

Firstly, the tax payer needs to download the federal heavy vehicle use tax form 2290 from IRS website. Download link for Heavy highway vehicle use tax forms are also provided in Tax software provider website.

Secondly tax payer needs to fill in the federal heavy vehicle use tax form 2290. Generally the federal heavy vehicle use tax form 2290 is self-explanatory. Tax payer needs to pursue the instructions carefully. For tax form 2290 help tax payer can contact IRS toll free at (800) 829-1040. For TDD/TTY users the IRS help line is (800) 829-4059.

After filling the form 2290, tax payer can make the submission electronically or take the form to the closest IRS office with the payment requirements. It is important to note that IRS doesn’t allow split payments with form 2290 submissions.

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