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When the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax filed using form 2290 is enforced each year, multiple federal and state agencies take up their assigned responsibilities to ensure things are in place. These different roles and responsibilities other than the HVUT tax payer himself are,

Internal Revenue Service – IRS is the Federal Government agency responsible for collection of taxes and enforcement of the Internal Revenue Code. The payment Form 2290 enabled HVUT return filing is done to the IRS as well.

States - States are required to obtain proof of payment when registering heavy trucks that are subject to the tax. The Governor of each state should certify HVUT compliance prior to July 1 of each year. In so doing, the Governor or his or her designee must submit a letter certifying that the state is obtaining proof of payment as a condition of registering heavy trucks subject to the HVUT.

Federal Highway Administration - Periodically reviews the state's procedures for complying with HVUT requirements which includes inspection of registration records and other supporting documentation. The division offices of the FHWA conduct HVUT compliance reviews at least once every three years for each state and state’s failure costs withholding of up to 25 percent of the state's Interstate Maintenance funds. So, it is the responsibility of the states to ensure HVUT compliance.

The IRS, FHWA, state and local agents work collaboratively in conducting HVUT compliance reviews and enhancing the trucker tax enforcement in the nation. At tax2290, we bridge you taxpayers and the IRS for smooth finish at both the ends. Our responsibility is to submit your error-free complete form 2290 return safely to the IRS and fill your hands with the proof of payment, Schedule 1 copy, within the time you would never get to enjoy by filing on paper. Nevertheless, we too care for our nation’s roadways!

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