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Form 2290 Schedule1 Copy Print

Form 2290 Schedule 1 copy is the proof of payment for the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax that truckers pay to the IRS. HVUT is the annual fee that has to be paid on heavy vehicles whose gross weight is 55, 000 pounds or more. Once this amount is settled to the IRS via filing a Form 2290 on such owned vehicles, the IRS returns an e-file watermarked form 2290 schedule 1 to the taxpayer, which should be submitted for verification at the time of vehicle registration to the state authorities. When you e-file form 2290, this proof of payment is returned from the IRS almost immediately, with an e-file watermark. The IRS Schedule 1 copy returned for filed form 2290 is used

  • To report all vehicles for which you are reporting HVUT (including an increase in taxable gross weight)
  • To report vehicles that you are reporting suspension of tax by category and vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • As a proof of payment for registration of vehicle(s) (unless specifically exempted) with state DMVs.

Proof of Payment for Vehicle State Registration

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Before a state registers your vehicle, they will need to verify proof of payment of the HVUT for your taxable vehicle. Stamped copy of IRS Schedule 1 can be used to

  • Register vehicles with the state, or
  • Enter a Canadian or Mexican vehicle into the United States.

You may also use a photocopy of Form 2290, Schedule 1, and both sides of your canceled check as proof of payment, in case you don’t have a stamped Form 2290 schedule 1 copy.

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Download most important document related to the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax is the IRS Form 2290.


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