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IRS Tax Form 2290 Online Filing - An Overview

Every Qualified Motor Vehicle operator or owner has to report 2290 taxes with the IRS and pay tax liabilities for using the public highways. IRS Tax Form 2290 reporting is mandatory for vehicles weighing 50,000 pounds and more. is an authorized IRS e-file provider for filing IRS Tax Form 2290 online. We help you in meeting your company’s tax obligation effortlessly and quickly.

Who needs to file IRS Tax Form 2290?

Every heavy motor vehicle owner and operator with gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more on a US public highway must file IRS Tax Form 2290

Suspended Vehicles and their segregation:
According to IRS, a group of vehicles are not applicable to file their taxes but they are supposed to declare the same with tax form 2290 suspended vehicles. If you own a vehicle and it falls under the category of suspended vehicles, it is treated special as they are not required to file IRS tax form 2290. However, it is essential to communicate to IRS about your vehicle which is tax exempted. If you fail to do so; you will be bestowed with a filing penalty during DOT inspections.

Below are mentioned vehicles which fall under the category of Suspended Vehicles:
  • Annual miles covered by a commercial vehicle is lesser than 5,000 miles
  • Annual miles covered by an Agriculture vehicle is less than 7,500 miles
  • Vehicles which are not considered as highway motor vehicles. For e.g., mobile machinery for non-transportation functions, and non-transportation trailers and semi-trailers
  • Qualified blood collector vehicles which are officially used by blood banks and organizations
Exemptions Vehicles:

There are set of vehicles which are exempted from paying taxes irrespective of these vehicle traveling 5,000 miles annually for normal vehicles and 7,500 for logging or agriculture vehicles.

Groups that come under exemptions are
  • The Federal Government
  • The American Red Cross
  • Indian tribal governments (To carry out essential tribal government functions)
  • Mass transportation authority’s (under certain conditions)

Government and charitable institutions are the one group which does not require any filing of forms. Yes, there are trucks and heavy vehicles used in medical fields to deliver medicines and fire engines but they are not qualified for filing IRS tax form 2290. Food relief missions are usually carried out with these trucks.

The next set of group for exemption is the vehicles which are used for Agriculture. Those who own vehicles for agricultural purposes are included in the list. Even the trucks which supply agricultural goods are exempted if they are likely to run less than 7,500 miles.

IRS Tax form 2290 - Methods of filing:

  • IRS tax Form 2290 - Paper filing
  • IRS tax Form 2290 - Electronic filing or E-File or Online Filing

Paper filing of IRS Tax Form 2290:

Paper filing of IRS tax form 2290 is the traditional method of reporting 2290 taxes with the IRS. This method of filing IRS tax Form 2290 is a manual process which is time consuming and room for errors is a major possibility. The 2290 tax payer has to fill in the details in the printed IRS tax form 2290 and need to mail it to the IRS office. The completed form can also be taken to a local IRS office and by paying the taxes IRS agent manually stamps and return the IRS tax Form 2290 Schedule 1 copy. Once the form is submitted by mail, it would take at least 45 days to get approval from IRS and only then IRS tax Form 2290 schedule 1 copy will be issued. The meantime, if the form is rejected, the tax payer has to file his form again filling in the right details. In case, the date for last filing is over, penalties would be imposed.

Electronic filing or E-File or Filing of IRS Tax Form 2290 Online:

With the technology enhancing regularly, manually filing was transformed into online electronic filing (E-Filing) for IRS tax form 2290 online. The task here is much easier as there is no room for errors and the confirmation is sent across to the tax payer by IRS in no time. Process of E-filing IRS tax Form 2290 online is much improved; saves on personal resources i.e. time and postage and can also cuts off preparing and processing errors. You receive your IRS tax Form 2290 Schedule 1 copy in minutes once IRS approves your return. IRS tax Form 2290 electronic filing (E-Filing online) is proved to be the fastest, easiest and the most accurate method to file return and pay tax due.

IRS Tax Form 2290 Online - How can you e-file your return?

E-filing IRS tax Form 2290 Online is the best and the easiest way to file your taxes. IRS has made mandatory e-file IRS tax Form 2290 online for tax payers who are filing tax for 25 and more vehicles. There are many service providers which enables the user to e-file their return. is the first IRS certified e-file service provider existing since 2007 for filing IRS tax Form 2290 online. Filing IRS tax Form 2290 online is Safe, Secure and Simple for every trucker to do it online. Paper filing is still available for filing returns under 25 vehicles but it is indeed time consuming.

When are you liable to file IRS Tax form 2290?

IRS tax Form 2290 should be filed for the taxable month for which the vehicle is used first on public highway during the current period. The current tax period begins from July 1, current year and ends June 30, proceeding year 2018. August 31, is the deadline for any tax payers to file their vehicle tax that will be on the road in the month of July. If you are purchasing a heavy vehicle anytime during the taxation period, Form 2290 should be filled by the last day of the following month of first use. Your payment will be based on the number of months used during the tax period.

IRS Tax Form 2290: 2018 – 2019 Payment Due Date:

Take a look at the table below for your better understanding.
If the vehicle is first used during ... Then, file Form 2290 and make your payment by...
July 1 August 31
August 1 September 30
September 1 October 31
October 1 November 30
November 1 December 31
December 1 January 31
January 1 February 28
February 1 March 31
March 1 April 30
April 1 May 31
May 1 June 30
June 1 July 31

Important Note on IRS tax Form 2290: 2018 – 2019 Payment Due Date: With reference to IRS tax Form 2290: 2018 – 2019 payment due date, the tax payer has to file by the due date regardless of when state registration for the vehicle is due. If in case, the due date falls on a weekend or legal holiday, filing should be done by the next business day.

IRS Tax Form 2290 online - Documents required for filing:

For IRS tax Form 2290 online filing, you require the following:
  • EIN (Employee Identification Number)
  • Detailed information about the vehicles you are filing, including their VINs (Vehicle Identification Number)
  • Gross taxable weight of the vehicle(s)
  • Purchase date and date of first use on the highway
  • If your vehicle is suspended, do mention the road mileage

Note: If you are e-filing your return, make sure you have a soft copy of the documents mentioned.

IRS Tax Form 2290 online - Methods of paying your taxes online:

To pay IRS tax Form 2290 taxes online with the IRS, there are three methods to follow.
  • Electronic funds withdrawal/ Direct debit
  • Payment Voucher (Check or Money Order)

Direct Debt:This method can be used if the tax payer is e-filing his return. IRS directly debit the tax payers account for the tax dues as agreed by the tax payer.

EFTPS: If a tax payer opted to pay 2290 taxes with EFTPS, then he or she needs to enroll before using it. To access more information on how to enroll in EFTPS, check out the site and follow the procedure.
Payment Voucher: Send in a check or money order to address given below:

Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service
Cincinnati, OH 45999-0031

Note: It is advisory for all the tax payers to go with an authorized IRS certified service provider to e-file your form 2290 like One stop solution for Filing of IRS tax Form 2290 online: is the first IRS certified and verified service provider for filing of IRS tax Form 2290 online. We are entirely web based; provide service 24/7 through email and chat. We support our customers with Full Service Option for filing of IRS tax Form 2290 online, wherein the customer is requested to mail with the details mentioned below.

List of credentials you need to send it across are mentioned below:
  • Month and the year when you started filing your taxes
  • Taxable Vehicle Information
  • Prior Year Suspended Vehicle Information
  • Claims on sold/ destroyed or stolen vehicle or low mileage vehicles
  • Third Party Designee
  • Filing and Payment Option
  • Product or Service Payment Option

You are requested to send in an Excel Template to our support team through Email.

It is essential to choose the right service provider for filing of IRS tax Form 2290 online. is the ultimate choice to stay ahead of penalties and interest. We serve our audience with a user-friendly website which can be accessed any time of the day and night. Dealing with your taxes online is much simpler when you are running on a very hectic schedule. Our service does not consume much of your precious time when dealt with service through ordinary processes.

Exclusive features provided for filing of IRS tax Form 2290 online by

For filing of IRS tax Form 2290 online, you will be able to find innumerable sites which will offer you with authentic e-filing facilities but we are unique in all the ways. The lists of features we offer our tax payers for filing of IRS tax Form 2290 online are different and it eventually makes us top the list. Some of the features include:

  • Tax Calculator
  • Tax Meter
  • Full Service Option
  • Tax Practitioner Benefits
  • Security
  • TEXT Alert

Text Alert: With this feature, you can receive instant text alerts by registering your cell phone numbers on our site. Any update or news on tax return from IRS will be sent across on your mobile number instantly.

Unique features of filing of IRS tax Form 2290 online with are:

  • Eco friendliness/Go green
  • Easy online tax filing usage
  • Data history can be maintained easy online
  • The most accurate calculation with our exclusive feature ‘Tax calculator’
  • Get form 2290 schedule 1 within minutes
  • Access on your filing over internet
  • Save your file and continue as per your convenience
  • Easy Print for IRS electronic filing reference or download your final copy right away

Our main focus is to provide the best to our customers. Our application is molded in a manner which can serve you with every requirement you have and file it smoothly without any hindrance coming up your way. E-file your return and get your IRS tax Form 2290 schedule 1 copy with a watermark stamped within minutes.

IRS Tax Form 2290 Amendments:

Under the section of Amendments, a minor change in the document can be rectified. The tax payer can make changes in your previously filled return. Following are the scenarios which give an option of amendment.

  • Suspended/Exempt Vehicles exceeding the mileage use limit
  • Additional Tax From Increase in Taxable Gross Weight
  • VIN Correction

IRS Tax Form 2290 - Suspended Vehicle Exceeding Mileage:

Usually, suspended vehicles are vehicles which do not require filing their taxes. But once the suspended vehicle exceeds their mileage use limit, the payment of taxes is due. Usually, for suspended vehicles, the mileage use limit is 5,000 miles or less and if it is an agriculture vehicle, 7500 miles is the maximum. The limit of mileage usage is calculated as a total mileage unit used for the whole complete tax period, irrespective of the number of drivers or owners.

Once the amendment is submitted, corrected schedule-1 copy will be sent by IRS. make it available for you to download by accessing your account, you also subscribe for a FAX copy of it. These FAX copies are also accepted as proof for 2290, it has an IRS e-file logo with the date it is actually processed by the IRS.

IRS Tax Form 2290 - Increase in Taxable Gross Weight:

If there an increase in the maximum load carried which lead to increase in taxable gross weight of your vehicle. In such cases, you need to inform IRS and pay the applicable tax amount that is due. This can be derived from the new taxable weight category. Form 2290 has the provision to report additional tax for the remaining tax period. This should be done by the end of the month following the month in which the taxable gross weight actually increased.

Figure out the additional tax using the following:
  • Check and identify the specific month in which the gross weight had increased
  • Determine the new gross weight category

If in case, the increase in taxable gross weight occurs in July, wherein you have already filed your return, you still have to file Form 2290 Amendment form to clear off the additional tax.

IRS Tax Form 2290 - VIN Correction:

While reporting a Form 2290 for your vehicle and by mistake if you have filed a wrong vehicle Identification Number (VIN) you have to file an amendment to correct the VIN. With the length of VIN, it is more likely to write/type the wrong number frequently. With, you can smoothly file form 2290 Amendment to correct your VIN number. The Schedule 1 copy with the corrected VIN and IRS stamp and date can be downloaded from and same can be obtained by FAX.

Form 2290 VIN correction can also be filed electronically and have it corrected in minutes.

IRS Tax Form 2290 – Claims:

When you owe taxes to IRS, you are supposed to file 2290 and make the payment through the available payment options. And if in case you have paid more than you have to, you can always claim 2290 and IRS will send you across a check. In Form 2290, there are various sections for claims. As a tax payer, you should identify the correct claim and file it accordingly with the IRS so that your claims get processed successfully.

IRS Tax Form 2290 claim on a Sold, Transferred, Destroyed or Stolen Vehicle:

If your vehicle is lost, sold, destroyed or even transferred to someone else, you can claim a credit for the tax paid for the remaining period of a tax year. Form 2290 is a paid upfront and the tax payer is intended to pay for the whole year. If there is no intent to use during the left over tax period, tax payer can file a claim with supporting documents required. If you have sold your vehicle to another person, your claim should also include the details and information required.

IRS Tax Form 2290 - Usage of vehicle less than the Mileage Use Limit:

If tax has been paid for a heavy vehicle which is likely to use only 5,000 miles or less, the tax payer can claim a credit

IRS Tax Form 2290 - Overpaid tax Claims:

Tax payer can go for a claim if in case he has overpaid mistakenly for the same VIN number or unknowingly paid twice. So remember, July 1st is the beginning of the new taxation year for your heavy vehicle and you will not receive any kind of reminder from IRS with regards to tax payment. August 31 is the deadline to file your return and paying your due. Pay it online, much before time and stay away from penalties and IRS audit.

For any update or information relevant to filing of IRS tax Form 2290 online, you can reach the Help Line number 1-866-245-3918 or simply write your queries to is an extended website of and an IRS Authorized e-file provider since 2007 to e-file Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax returns.
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