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Electronic filing of Form 2290 (E-Filing), Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return was initiated as directed in the American Jobs Creation Act (October 2004). This provided taxpayers the speed and reliability that millions of taxpayers and business owners enjoyed. As tax practitioners, electronically filing form 2290 (a.k.a E-File or E-Filing) will allow you to serve your clients with fewer errors and in less time which in turn will allow for serving more clients.We are the first IRS authorized online provider of electronic filing of tax form 2290 (a.k.a E-File or E-Filing) software.

unique features for tax practitioners

  • One time registration to manage any number of clients
  • Accurate tax calculations
  • Seasonal group pricing and discounts
  • Review Clients' financial information
  • Easy query based approach to fill tax forms automatically
  • SMS Alert on return status
  • IRS Schedule-1 copy acknowledgement almost immediately
Tax Practioner

Tax Practioner

Tax Practioner

Structure of our tax programs

  • Accessibility - As an IRS authorized online provider of electronic filing of tax form 2290 (a.k.a E-File or E-Filing) software, our tax software allows you to prepare tax returns and filing with handiness and assures steady and safe support. It also offers browser-based tax interview, allowing you to use your home computer which saves time and effort when preparing.
  • Security - Your clients’ tax and financial data is protected by secure servers (SSL). As a user, you can access the system only through unique log-on IDs and passwords. Above all, the data is kept behind firewalls and all mission critical data is backed-up routinely.
  • Honesty – Certifies that important information is not overlooked and you answer only relevant sections before filing your clients’ tax returns.
  • Preview Tax concise – you can preview the summary of your clients’ taxes, before filing their returns, based on the stored interview data entered.
  • Online Tax Form 2290 E-File Acknowledgement - When you do electronic filing (E-File) tax form 2290 returns to the IRS through us, you will get an IRS stamped copy of Schedule-1 for each of those returns in few minutes.
  • Tools - Helpful tools to save you time and effort completing your form 2290 tax interview are available. Online tools include:

help screens for each page

  • Hots (help on the Spot) - Floating help box is available on each screen along with help popup box for major fields
  • eots (Error on the Spot) - Error popup is available for all the major fields to validate data as and when entered

my itmes Navigator

There is a navigator tool which displays all the topic listings and enables tax practitioners to jump to any section/topic at any point of time when filing the form 2290 heavy vehicle use tax return.

tax meter

Tax meter keeps following the tax/refund all the time you add or remove the values and provides an outline promptly.

Tax Meter foretells your closing digits and helps you take right decisions.
Read More about tax Meter

bulk upload tool

Bulk upload tool permits you to upload the vehicle data by importing excel sheet into the system which eliminates the physical entry of each vehicle record. As a tax practitioner user, you can export the updated excel sheet and use it for next tax filing season.

  • Online Data Vault – For every user, the data is stored in secured servers for 3 years. You can login at anytime and continue filing, using the previously stored/uploaded data.
  • PDF Reports – You can print and save the tax returns you prepared for you clients, on your PC.
  • Accuracy – There is built-in software that checks of your tax return preparation errors. It helps to review and make corrections quickly before filing.
  • Anytime Access – All tax practitioners can work on their tax return preparation anytime of the day or week. Just logon and proceed, every page is designed for you.

As IRS authorized online provider of electronic filing of tax form 2290 (a.k.a E-File or E-Filing) software, we've included everything you'll need to get going smoothly in electronic filing of form 2290 (a.k.a E-File or E-Filing) for your clients and take advantage of convenient electronic payment options (Direct Debit) as well as links to a wealth of information that will help keep you up-to-date. As a tax practitioner, you can transmit your clients’ forms to IRS and can get IRS stamped acknowledgement for all of them within minutes. We provide support that you count on and security which you can trust on.

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No more CPA’s or Accountants – you can do it yourself. Electronic Filing of Tax Form 2290 (E-File). It’s as easy as 1… 2… 3

About Us: Easy Form 2290 E-File. Secure 2290 E-Filing (Electronic Filing)… only at is the first IRS authorized online provider of electronic filing of tax form 2290 online (a.k.a E-File or E-Filing) software. We are an entirely web-based provider for electronic filing of tax Form 2290 online (a.k.a E-File or E-Filing) and we also provide clear Form 2290 e file instructions. We provide 24/7 customer service & Form 2290 filing instructions through email and chat. Easily do your electronic filing of tax form 2290 (a.k.a E-File or E-Filing) online and get your IRS tax Form 2290 schedule 1 copy with a watermark stamped within minutes. Get started now with us and will guide you through the process electronic filing of tax form 2290 (a.k.a E-File or E-Filing) online.


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