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Safe & Secure Form 2290 E-Filing:

Think trade Inc is ever dedicated to fulfill your fair expectations in protecting your personal and business information with unbroken security which ensures safe & secure E-filing Form2290 tax returns.

If you are entering into websites like,,, and offered by Think Trade Inc, you are secured from tip to toe as it is proven with SSL security and further verified by Thawte’s Global Site Certificate Technology. Each bit that is transmitted from your computer and our websites are strongly scrambled (128 Bit encryption), wholly hiding your data when passing through SSL security.

The minute your data reaches our servers, we store all sensitive information’s as SSL encrypted files. In case of credit card or other payment related information, we never store at all. The whole SSL security is only because we are highly concerned about your security and hence we have already taken necessary steps to prevent the risks.

This is why may rate as the most safe & secure way of filing Form 2290 tax returns.

Some valuable tips to protect yourself:

We are technically strong enough to keep your account info out of harm. Here are some simple suggestions which we are expecting from your end for further safety of transmitting data.

  • Never disclose the password to anyone and also never save it or write it in any place which is easily approachable for others.
  • Make a habit of changing your security password frequently
  • Prevent other peoples using your PC if you don’t have enough trust on them.
  • If you suspect anything with your account security, report it immediately.
  • Be cautious of e-mails from unknown sources and phishing.
  • Never reply to any e-mail asking for your password or username to avoid scams.
  • Do not download any file from non-trustable sites for security purposes.
  • Always use SSL secured websites.
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The most important document related to the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax is the IRS Form 2290.

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This is why may rate as the most safe & secure way of filing Form 2290 tax returns.

Common scams:

Identity Theft

Identity theft is when someone uses your user credentials and other such personal information without your permission. These fraudulent activities include stealing money from your accounts, opening lines of credit from your bank account and applying for loans. This kind of crimes can damage your credit and may leave you responsible for more bills, making your security vanish.

Above all, cause frustration to you for countless hours. To minimize the identity theft, you can learn more at FTC ID Theft

Phishing Scams

Nowadays phishing is one of the very popular scams by which people are often deceived. Some cheaters design a fake website of any trustworthy company or business dealers copying their logos and mottos. They send you quite convincing e-mails that tells you that their security procedure has changed or they are updating your information. When you ought to respond they will direct you to another look-alike site that tracks your credentials and personal facts. Kindly DONOT respond back to any of such E-mails. You can either forward them to the institution that they are imitating or delete them immediately.

Pharming Scams

Pharming is the hacker’s attempt to redirect a website’s traffic to the other website with intent to get hold of your username and password. This redirection is more insidious and will happen without any clue or knowledge on your part. Hence you will not suspect unless you experience. These hackers often target any bank or financial sites, sometimes any site that involves online transaction. So it is always necessary to check the website twice before entering the valuable user credentials.

At Tax2290, we DO NOT request or demand our customers to reveal their password or financial information via e-mails or any social media tools. Be cognizant of what to do during such phishing scam threats, with respect to your safe e-file provider, Taxexcise.

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About Us: Safe & Secure E-Filing of Form 2290 Schedule1 (Heavy Vehicle Tax Online)… only at is a safe & secure service provider for instant E-File of IRS Form 2290 online (Heavy Vehicle Tax Online). We are a safe & secure web-based provider for instant filing of IRS tax Form 2290 online (Heavy Vehicle Tax Online). We provide 24/7 customer service through email and chat. E-file your IRS tax Form 2290 online and get your IRS tax Form 2290 schedule 1 copy, instantly, with a watermark stamped. Get started now with us and will guide you through the process for safe & secure E-File of IRS tax Form 2290 online (Heavy Vehicle Tax Online). We are here to help if you have any questions regarding Form 2290 e file (Heavy Vehicle Tax Online).


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