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Are you a Bookkeeping Accountant, who files Form 2290 of Heavy Vehicle Use Tax returns for your clients in bulk? We have a particular package for your easy and hassle free e-filing impression.

We are an officially approved unit of IRS for being an E-file service provider of Form 2290. In present day theme, we are rated as the chief by tax payers and book keepers. We support E-filing of Form 2290, 2290 amendment returns, VIN correction, sold/ transferred/ destroyed vehicle credits along with low mileage and increased in gross weight reporting.

Seasonal Special pricing:

In tax2290, distinct discounted pricing is on hand for tax professionals and other service affiliates such as book keepers, in turn to honor them. Seasonal packages for book keepers are also available with us, which saves some of your dollars. The seasonal package depends on the number of clients the book keepers has. You can pay for the number of clients you expect and file boundless returns of Form 2290 for the clients.


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Register once and manage any number of clients:

Our system allows book keepers to add unlimited number of businesses and EIN numbers to a single registered account. Access all of your clients and their vehicle information at one place while still keeping organized by tax payer’s EIN.

Bulk Upload:

When you file for bulk vehicles of your client’s fleet, simply upload an Excel file containing the vehicle information directly into your account for Form 2290. The bulk upload works for taxable vehicles, suspended vehicles and credit vehicles (Sold/stolen/destroyed and low mileage) of Form 2290. We don’t restrict with any vehicle limit. You can add even more than 50,000 vehicles.

TEXT Alert:

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If you subscribe for TEXT alert, you will be instantly notified by a TEXT alert, when your client’s return gets accepted/rejected by the IRS. Receive updates on the move!

No Transaction / Hidden charges:

You will be paying the static price, what you see in the pricing chart. No hidden charges by any means.

If you are already registered as book keeper, simply click taxexcise to continue with your filing. If you are yet to register as book keeper, feel free to talk to our Support Center at 1-866-245-3918 or simply email to We are happy to support you in making your filing experience hassle free. Act now and take advantage of being a book keeper. As your client base grows, you can always make changes as needed.

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Download most important document related to the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax is the IRS Form 2290.


You may have your questions answered in our FAQ section, if not reach our Help Line.

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