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IRS Tax Form 2290 Online Filing - An Overview

Every heavy motor vehicle put on a public highway needs to report and file (or e-file) tax form 2290. These vehicles make the most of the damage to the public highway roads, so IRS came up with a tax, which is supposed to be filed (e-file or filing of IRS Tax Form 2290 online) by heavy vehicle users/operators so the these funds are utilized in maintaining the roads. Form 2290 is the heavy vehicle use tax, which vehicle owners or operators have to file(e-file or filing of IRS Tax Form 2290 online) once in a year if their motor vehicle weights 55,000 pounds or more. With tax2290.com, you are provided with simple interview like questions to complete your Form 2290 and file it (e-file or filing of IRS Tax Form 2290 online) electronically with the IRS.

Mandatory e-file for IRS tax form 2290

IRS has made it mandatory to e-file IRS Tax form 2290 (e-filing online) for Truckers, Heavy vehicles owners and operators with 25 or more number of fleets using the highways. IRS still encourages every single trucker to e-file IRS Tax Form 2290 (e-filing online) as it is easy, safe and quick.

Truckers, time to e-file IRS tax form 2290 (e-filing online) at tax2290.com

Form 2290 must be filed (or e-file Tax Form 2290 – online filing) for each month a taxable vehicle is first put to use on a public highway during the current period July 1 – June30. The Form 2290 must be filed (or e-file IRS Tax Form 2290 – online filing) by the last day of the month following the month of first use.

Truckers must keep one thing in mind that if you mail the completed form 2290 and the payment, it may possibly take the IRS 4-6 weeks to return your stamped receipt that is the Schedule 1 copy to you. Your stamped receipt copy is must to obtain new plates or to renew your base plates for your truck. However, now everything is changed and you can sit in your home and by using your home computer with internet connection you can electronically file form 2290(or e-file IRS Tax Form 2290 – online filing) with the IRS directly. Sounds goods, right no more busing your fuel to report and pay just for tax. E-file or e-filing of tax form 2290 online, comes handy for every trucker now and last year more than 200 thousand tax payers choose to e-file tax form 2290 online.

E-filing IRS tax form 2290 online with Tax2290.com is as simple as driving your truck on a Florida Keys. It is Safe, Secured and Smart. All your tax data are recorded and filed directly with the IRS no more losing of your important data. By choosing e-file you save fuel, time and get your stamped proof in minutes.

Seasonal Updates and Reports

Truckers can enroll for a seasonal update or alerts so to keep them updates on the recent changes and news updates from the IRS. You may enroll for a TEXT alert to get your IRS status update to your cell phone, and FAX alert to get your payment proof receipt or Schedule 1 copy by FAX. We send you regular update in case your return is rejected and help you to retransmit the same return for free. You can get to know the complete history for e-file data and you may also use your prior year data to e-file for current tax year.

EIN is must for e-filing IRS tax Form 2290 Online:

You should obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) for e-filing IRS Tax form 2290 online. If you don’t remember your EIN# or if you are not sure if the number is still good, you can call the Form 2290 help line at 1-866-699-4096 and the IRS will look it up for you. Even if you are new to the business or don’t have a valid EIN, you can apply online and get it right in minutes. Visit www.IRS.gov and click on Businesses, then click on Employer Identification Numbers (it’s on the left hand side of the page under “Topics”) for more information. To order by phone call, 1-800-829-4933. You may need to wait for couple of days for the authorities to have your new EIN updated in the common database before trying 2290 e-file.

E-filing your IRS Tax Form 2290 online is a piece of cake with tax2290.com!

Tax Preparers or Paid Preparer on roll at tax2290.com

Tax preparers or otherwise referred as Tax Practitioner can use tax2290.com to e-file IRS tax form 2290 (online filing) for any number of business or clients. All that you need is a valid TPIN provided by the IRS. TPIN is the authentication received from the IRS to prepare tax form on behalf of your clients.

Tax2290.com has a special login access, get enrolled with us and start e-file for a special discounted price. Pay for a business and e-file any number of returns throughout the tax year. You may also give it a try by choosing pay per return option; still you can enjoy a discount rate.

Paid Prepares can prepare and mange any number of accounts and provide privileged access to the own users, and control e-file process. Paid Preparer can add client’s cell number for status update and fax number to send a copy of payment proof otherwise called the schedule 1 copy.

Fleet Managers can use Tax2290.com for E-Filing IRS Tax Form 2290 Online:

Fleet Managers or the tax preparer’s doing2290 for owner operators or multiple businesses can use Tax2290.com to prepare and e-file IRS tax form 2290. Like Paid Preparers or Tax Practitioner you also get a special pricing to e-file Form 2290. Call your Help Desk number and talk to our agents to get more options and features.

E-file for Form 2290 Amendments

Tax payers usually want to amend Form 2290 because of some new information they have become known to or to eradicate some past mistakes. If you are seeking to make some Form 2290 amendments, you can e-file Form 2290 amendments in a few cases through tax2290.com.

Mileage limit exceeded

You are already done filing Form 2290 for the suspended category for the current tax year and the specified mileage limits were crossed you need to report it to the IRS and pay the difference in tax to continue using your vehicle. If you exceed the limit, it becomes a liability for you to pay Heavy Vehicle Use Tax to the IRS and therefore, in this instance, you can e-file amendments to Form 2290 and pay the right and appropriate money to the IRS for overusing your motor vehicle.

Increase in Taxable Gross Income

Another instance is, if there is a jump in your taxable gross weight then you should report to the IRS and pay the difference in tax to continue using your vehicle. You can e-file the form 2290 amendments, fill in the additional tax details on the last day of the month before the month your taxable gross weight will increase. For instance if your income is expected to increase in April, you should make the necessary amendments on the last date of March.

E-file IRS Tax Form 2290 VIN corrections

You are already done filing form 2290 and found you misspelled your VIN# then you can correct it by reporting VIN correction. IRS allows e-file to the correct the VIN# and a new IRS stamped Schedule 1 copy will be sent.

It is okay to make mistakes and the IRS is very forgiving. Making the necessary amendments will help you save yourself from getting in trouble with the IRS.

E-file IRS Tax Form 2290 (Online Filing) Claims

When you owe tax liabilities you make a payment to the IRS and when you owe back IRS process a refund in few cases. Usually IRS form 2290 claims are made in Form 8849 Schedule - 6 returns we do support all the Form 8849 Excise Tax refunds.

Sold or Transferred Vehicle Claims.

Heavy vehicles that were stolen, transferred, destroyed, or sold before June 1st and not used during the rest of the year qualify as a vehicle to claim a credit for. You can report it to the IRS and claim a refund for the period it is not used. Sold, Transferred claims can now be e-filed to the IRS and IRS in turn processes it and sends you a check.

Low mileage credits

You are already done filing form 2290 and paid for full and found you have not used your vehicle less than 5000 miles on a public highway, you can claim a refund by providing inputs. Low mileage claims can be e-filed and the IRS validates the return once it is accepted, IRS sends you a check.

Over payment of tax

There are scenarios when some of the e-filers unintentionally file tax form 2290 for the previously paid tax period opposing as current tax period. There are cases that they would have paid manually and then do e-file and end up paying twice. However, there is nothing worry about, as there is always a way out with Tax2290.com. Not everything is lost, we can still retrieve it.

If a heavy vehicle was used for 5,000 miles or less, or an agricultural vehicle that was used for 7,500 miles or less, it too qualifies as a credit vehicle. It is important to also note that a credit, lower tax rate, exemption, or refund is not allowed for an occasional light or decreased load; nor is it allowed for a discontinued or changed use of the vehicle.

Now file your IRS Tax Form 2290 (Online E-Filing) on-the-go through your Smartphone only with tax2290.com

To maintain pace with the technology, we have finally decided on working out more with customer convenience and security. We are the first one in the industry to launch the mobile version of e-filing IRS Tax Form 2290 application.

Sometime, the work load is high and truckers don’t really find time to sit in front of their system and e-file their IRS Tax Form 2290 return (Paper filing is far off the list) Everyday is not Sunday; the famous saying goes well here. Since they are all day on road, delivering goods and meeting deadlines, they actually don’t have much time for themselves. The mobile version of tax2290 application is indeed a rescue for filing their returns without penalties. You can e-file anywhere, anytime on your Smartphone and get your stamped schedule-1 copy in minutes.

Just access m.tax2290.com from your Smartphone and avail benefits of the mobile version of Tax2290 to e-file your IRS Tax Form 2290 (online filing). If you are not first-time user, then why don’t you register with us? Click on Sign-In and register yourself and start using it to e-file in no time.

Tax2290.com, the ultimate stop for e-filing IRS Tax Form 2290 Online:

E-filing…. It may or may not sound so interesting to people. For various reasons, obviously! But they are better off the other side. People who find it interesting can come to us and e-file their return all day. The process is smooth and easy as complications are totally ruled out. We believe in simplicity and appreciated by our dedicated audience. It is true that paper filing was the initial method introduced and till date the system is on. Time is a witness of the happening with e-filing, the method, which is catching its pace with people. In 2007, IRS made it mandatory for truck owners owning more than 25 vehicles to e-file their IRS Tax Form 2290 return (online filing). In the very same year; we launched our wing to touch heights.

There is another set of people who are not so familiar with computers or know that e-filing IRS Tax Form 2290 is simple. Don’t you worry about it; we are here to sort out your issues too. You are not only in the list, nothing to feel weird about it. Just a ring away, your return will be filed as we provide full service option as well.

Here, all you need to do is provide us with details mentioned below in an excel format and mail it across to support@taxexcise.com.

Details required for full service option:
  • First month and year of vehicle use
  • First year of filing form 2290
  • EIN, VINs and other business details
  • Information on prior suspension (if applicable)
  • Any claims on sold/ destroyed/ stolen or if the vehicle is running on low mileage
  • Third Party Designee
  • Filing and Payment Option
  • Product or Service Payment Option
With every growing day, we are touching a new level of height and growing our business with unique features to offer, are mentioned below:
  • Bulk Upload
  • Tax Practitioner Benefits
  • Security
  • Tax Meter
  • TEXT Alert
What is schedule 1 copy?

Schedule-1 copy is the statement of proof that you have filed form 2290 for using your heavy vehicle on a public platform. In paper filing, it at least nearly 45 days to receive your schedule 1 copy but with e-filing, you receive it in minutes with IRS watermark stamped.

Advantages of schedule 1
  • Report IRS about vehicles you own through VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
  • A proof of payment to register/ renew your vehicle with the states
  • To run your vehicle legally on public highway

Won’t it be easy if you have an accessible account to manage your schedule 1 copy? tax2290.com provides you with one. Once you file your return, schedule-1 copy will be mailed across in real less time.

Avail benefits coming your way with tax2290.com E-Filing IRS Tax Form 2290 Software:

  • Access your return history through your registered account
  • Print and save your schedule-1 copies in your account
  • Receive text alert once your return is approved

Always remember, “WE ARE FAMILY!” You can come to us for everything and anything you require. We will be happy to help even in wee hours.

With the advancement of time and technology, e-filing is one method, which is attracting more and more audience. It is time saving and easy for the users to file their taxes. Our nation has provided us with many things, smooth highway, excellent environment and the best patrol for our safety. It is time for us to show our gratitude by filing our taxes on time. You can count it as a responsibility towards the nation or an obligation to stick to rules. Let’s all of us take a pledge today, show the love we have for the roads and highways by filing our returns on time. Filing tax is not a liability but a responsibility.

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